British Military Maps

I have the pleasure to introduce you to my military collection. I have got two British military maps made during the World War I. These maps were bought when I visited the Sovereign and Military Fairs at Rickmansworth. Please see here if you want to know more about the Fairs.

World War Maps 1915

These British Maps were made in 1915. These maps are quite unique because they were made during World War I and were probably still in use during World War II.

British Military Map: North West Europe

The first map has the provenance of ‘CAPT. F.W.S. JOURDAIN, Royal Corps of Signals’.

CAPT. J.W.S. Jourdain Royal Corps of Signals

It is also printed by ‘War Office, Feb.1915, Revised Edition.

War Office, Feb 1915, Revised Edition
Geographical Section, General Staff No. 2733

The first map is in excellent condition. It is folded, but there is no tear.

Maps from the back

The second map is also believed to be from 1915.

The second map
The second map, with also titled North West Europe.
G.S.G.S. 1915.

It has been franked with ‘a lion with a cross (?)’. Not sure what stamp is this.

A Lion and A cross WW1 map
Some handwriting on the second map

It has reinforcement tapes at the cross folds. And a tear is visible on one corner.

Tapes at the back of the second map – tears on the top right section.

I believe that these two maps are part of a set. So I believe they are belong to the same person.

Two World War Maps

Further research suggests that the Royal Corps of Signals is a combat support arm of the British Army. It was founded in 1920 which suggests the maps were in use after 1920 and possibly even during World War 2.

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