Chinese Song Dynasty Bowl 3

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Sorry about posting more Song Dynasty bowl.. I hope it is at some point useful though as an example for the trading piece from the late Song dynasty.

Southern Song Fujian Found in Indonesia
Southern Song Bowl Found in Indonesia

The bowl has the typical lotus motives inside. And the glazing colour is olives. The bowl has some black spots which I hope they are the signs of age.

Lotus floral Chinese Song Bowl
Some black spots inside the bowl

Can anyone confirm what are these spots? Are these spots coming from the time of firing the bowl?

Chinese Song Dynasty Bowl
Lovely lotus incised inside the bowl

There are some colour shade shadow inside the glazing. So it gives the glazing a shadowy colour. But I really love the lotus designs and the curving lines on the centre.

Green Olives Glazing Southern Song Dynasty
Green olives glazing continues at the outer bowl

There are some genuine little cracks which I assume a sign of age.

Smooth Crackled Cracks Glazing Song Dynasty Bowl
Smooth Crackled Cracks Glazing Song Dynasty Bowl

Inside the bowl, you can also see smooth cracks which suggesting the sign of age.

Bowl Fujian Southern Song Dynasty
Bowl Fujian Southern Song Dynasty
Jepara Wreck Chinese Song Dynasty
Probably from Jepara Wreck (?)

Can anyone tell me from which Province exactly this bowl is from? Is it from Fujian? And what type of kiln? I would have thought this bowl may come from a Chinese trading shipwreck as this bowl probably found near or in the Java sea.

Big Southern Song Dynasty Bowl
The back of the bowl

The picture above shows the back of the bowl. Do you have any idea of value? Please comment below.

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