Chinese Song Dynasty Bowl

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As part of a group of Chinese bowls that I acquire. Here it is a Song dynasty bowl (again):

Southern Song Dynasty (probably) from Fujian kiln

Do you have any idea of the date? I would suggest the late Song Dynasty probably 12th century?

Song dynasty bowl, lotus design (?)

The bowl has olive colour and no-shine. I think it is un-glazed (?)

There are four carving, probably of lotus design (?) in the inner side of the bowl.

Cat crawls on the outer side of the bowl

And on the outer side, there are cat crawls kind-of shape.

I think this is found in the sea

This is I think similar to the one found in Jepara wreck. See here from Koh-antique.

Southern Song Dynasty (probably from) Jepara Wreck

The bowl is probably found in the sea. It looks like probably kind of attached to some sea shells? Anyway the appearance of the bowl is not that clean.

Close up Chinese Bowl Song Dynasty

The bowl is found in Indonesia, probably in or near the Java sea.

The bowl from the back

Do you have any idea of what kiln it this? Do you have similar bowl? Please post on comments below..

Lovely ancient China bowl

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