Indian enamel silver small box

During our trip to India last month, en-route to Jodhpur, we stopped by at a rest area with a small shop. Here in this shop, I bought a small enamel silver box.

An Indian silver enamel box

It is a pretty box with elephant on the top cover.

Silver enamelled from Rajasthan

The colour of the enamel is blue and beautiful. The sides box also has enamel on them.

Enamelled on sides too
Ornate flowery enamel
Rajasthan silver box

I think age-wise, this box probably was made on the 20th century. It is probably vintage? 40-50 years old?

20th century Rajasthan enamel box

It has 925 mark at the bottom of the box.

925 Indian silver

As for purpose, I am not sure what is the function of this box. Probably a pill box? A snuffed box? A parfum box? Or probably it is just a decorative box with no intended purpose.

What is the function of this box?

If you know anything about this box, please comment below.

Inside the silver enamel box
Indian silver enamel box

It is very much a treasured box that reminds me of my trip to India. Especially to Rajasthan.

Vintage Rajasthan silver

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