Celadon, chinese celadon plate

Celadon Double Fish Plate Ming Dynasty

From my personal collection is this very exquisite plate.

Celadon Double Fish

It is estimated to be from the Ming Dynasty or earlier.

Celadon Double Fish Plate

The plate is quite large, the diameter is around 26cm.

Large Celadon Twin Fish Plate

There are double fish or twin fish embossed decoration inside the plate. Very beautiful!

Double Fish or Twin Fish Celadon

The celadon glazing is so charming that you can see it can change from grey-ish to green-ish depending on the sun lights.

Chinese grey-ish celadon plate

For example, if there is sun lights, the celadon glazing will look greyish.

Chinese green-ish Celadon plate

And if there is no sun lights, the celadon will look greenish.

Twin Fish Celadon

Sadly I have to sell this exquisite celadon plate, due to the cost of living crisis.

Celadon double fish plate

If anyone is interested to buy, please click this ebay link.

Celadon firing from the back

Here is the link to buy this exquisite Chinese plate https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225118494419

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