What to do in Worcester

Worcester is one of the underrated town in England! Did you know that Worcester is full of English history? Worcester holds a decisive part of the English Civil War at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. Did you know that Worcester has a magnificent Cathedral that housed the tomb of King John and Prince Arthur (the elder brother of Henry VIII)?

A magical view of Worcester Cathedral and River Severn
Friar Street, the famous medieval street of Worcester

Here some guides of what to do when you are in Worcester.

  1. Visit Worcester Cathedral
Impressive Worcester Cathedral

Immerse in one of important Cathedrals in medieval England. St Wulstan in 1095 built Worcester Priory as the centre of pilgrim and Christianity in Worcestershire area. There had been a Benedictine monastery, a century prior to this, which was built by St Oswald. During this time, the Benedictine monastery may have adjacent hospital which believed to be the current Commandery building, not far from the Cathedral.

Worcester Cathedral entrance door
Worcester Cathedral entrance door
King John Tomb at Worcester Cathedral
King John Tomb at Worcester Cathedral
King John Tomb, Worcester Cathedral
The tomb of Prince Arthur, Worcester Cathedral
Prince Arthur, the brother of Henry VIII
Prince Arthur, the brother of Henry VIII
Worcester Cathedral stained-glass windows
Fantastic stained glass windows at Worcester Cathedral
Medieval ceiling of the Four Gospel at Worcester Cathedral
Worcester Cathedral
Medieval hallway at Worcester Cathedral
Serene scene at Worcester Cathedral

2. Visit the old historic pubs of Worcester

A visit to medieval town is not complete without a visit to its (equivalent) medieval pubs!. Here some of the recommended pubs:

King Charles House, Worcester

King Charles House, Worcester
Craddock’s beer at Kings Charles House

Reputably the hiding place of King Charles the II during the Civil War. King Charles II was defeated by the Parliamentary army and he decided to hide in this pub or tavern before escaping to France.

Lovey pork bap at King Charles House.
The famous pie of King Charles House
Inside King Charles House pub in Worcester
Sunday roast at King Charles House, Worcester.
Craddock’s Brewery
King Charles II Pub, Worcester

The Cardinal’s Hat

This is also a medieval pub in a medieval street of Friar Street in Worcester.

Worcestershire best bitter at The Cardinal’s Hat
Perfection Ale at The Cardinal’s Hat

The Plough, Worcester

Although the Plough is not a medieval pub, it is the community pub you wish to find in your village. You will find friendly pub owners and regularly-changed real ales.

The Plough, Worcester.

We entered this pub unplanned before we visited the Cathedral. What a wonderful pub we find, with fantastic local real ales!

Real ale at The Plough Worcester.
The Plough, Worcester

3. Visit the Commandery, a historic Civil War building

The Commandery, Worcester

One room in the Commandery is very historic as the Duke of Hamilton died there from the injury after the Battle of Worcester.

The Commandery, Worcester
The Big Hall at The Commandery, Worcester
Preserved Medieval Hall at The Commandery
The Commandery, Worcester
Lovely Wooden Panel Dining Room at The Commandery
Lovely view of Worcester from the Commandery
Medieval painting at the Commandery

The Commandery has its special oldest room, pre-dates Henry VIII. In this room, there are medieval painting on the ceilings.

Medieval Catholic painting
Medieval Catholic painting on the ceiling

It is thought that in this room, the sicks were gathered here to pray to God to forgive their sins, as if their sickness were because they are sinners.

Worcester City Centre

I hope this information on Worcester is helpful to guide you on what you can do and see in this historic town of Worcester!

Worcester is accessible from London Paddington station using Great Western Railway. It took approximately 2.5 hours direct from London Paddington to arrive at Worcester.

Great Western Railway from London Paddington
Great Western Railway from London Paddington

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