What to do in Valle d’Aosta (Aosta)

Aosta is the northern city in Italy. Aosta has two official languages: Italian and French. Valle d’Aosta is also called Vallee d’Aoste. It is an autonomous region in Italy and also the least populous region in Italy. Because of its autonomous status and less population, it can be considered one of the richest areas in Italy. It also offers the best quality products such as milks and beef as cows here eat good quality of grass.

Valle d'Aosta

The major attraction in Valle d’Aosta is the beautiful preserved Roman Theatre.

Roman Theatre Valle d'Aosta
Impressive Roman remains in Aosta

When we were there unfortunately the weather is not sunny, so we could not see blue sky with panoramic mountainous view. There is also a Roman amphitheatre, although we did not see it probably because there is nothing left in terms of ruins. The theatre was quite an early theatre, built in the reign of Emperor Augustus.

Roman theatre Aosta, Italy
View from theatre arch

The ancient name of Aosta is Porta Praetoria. We can still see some of the remains of the Roman Walls.

Porta Praetoria

There is also a cryptoporticus forum, probably an underground to keep trade products such as wines. It is interesting to find the word ‘crypto’ in ancient archaeology. After we do some research, the word ‘crypto’ that means ‘hidden’ or ‘underground’ probably come from Greek as we could not find the word ‘crypto’ in Latin dictionary.

cryptoporticus forum

There is also an Arch of the Augustus which is still standing tall in Aosta.

Arch of Augustus in Aosta

If you really like ancient archaeology, please do visit the Archaeological museum as you can find interesting Roman findings from the area.

Archaeology Museum in Aosta, Italy
Roman silver found in Aosta area

The Aosta Cathedral is also beautiful. We were given a special access to see the Cathedral treasure.

Aosta Cathedral.

The treasure from the Aosta Cathedral is very impressive.

Gilded silver Church box
Gilded silver the face of Jesus
Impressive silver statue of saints
Beautiful painting and antique Cross
Very impressive gilded silver antiques probably from the old bishop of Aosta

The Cathedral also has beautiful painted ceiling.

Painted ceiling of Aosta Cathedral
Painted wall at Aosta Cathedral

We taste wonderful culinary in Aosta. We went to Trattoria da Manuel which has good reviews. We were not disappointed as the food is simple but fresh and the pizza is delicious.

Spaghetti alla vongole
Homemade tiramisu and gelato

The high street and the main square in Aosta is idyllic with breath-taking mountain views.

Aosta mountain views
Aosta main square
Street in Aosta

Beautiful Mary painting on the wall of one house

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