Birmingham Antique Silver Jug Ornate

Birmingham Silver Jug circa 1915

This is an antique silver jug circa 1915. I found it when I went to Peterborough Festival of Antiques last week. It was a huge antiques festival with large outdoor stalls and large indoor stalls too. Unfortunately my phone battery was gone off, so I did not manage to take a single picture of the antiques fair. Well, anyway, this piece is a thing to enjoy from the fair.

Birmingham Antique Silver Jug Ornate
Isn’t it pretty?

It has three very ornate legs.

Antique Silver Ornate three legs
Very well designed legs

It has the hallmark of Birmingham 1915 with the letter ‘q’. The marker mark is either MS*B or HS*B, but I could not find who the marker is.

Birmingham 1915 silver hallmark
Marker mark: MS*B or HS*B?

I am very much like the outer design of the jug. It has amazing pattern.

Silver Jug Birmingham 1915
Fabulous outer pattern

The handle is so cute too. It has a unique curve.

Birmingham silver jug MSB
Unique handle

I wonder what kind of sauce that they use this jug for? Barbecue sauce? Gravy sauce?

Antique Silver Birmingham 1915
The look from the back




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