Chinese Small Ewer (possibly) Song Dynasty

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I have now starting to collect Chinese ceramics. This one is a small ewer which is quite broken on the top. But it still has a nice glazing.

Song Dynasty Ewer
Song Dynasty Ewer

It is possibly from the Song Dynasty. It is found (I believe) from a river in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. It is quite interesting to understand the trade history between China and Indonesian Kingdom at that time. Song dynasty was from the year 960 – 1279, and I am intrigue to know which  Indonesian Kingdom that trade with China at that time. Most likely it is with the Sriwijaya (Srivijaya) Kingdom.

Small Chinese Ewer
Small Chinese Ewer

The size of the ewer is quite small, so I am not so sure what is the purpose of it. Probably for drinking tea? But its size is very small.

Small Chinese Ewer Song Dynasty
Small Chinese Ewer Song Dynasty – with crackles

You can see some small crackles which are very smooth if you touch it.

Small Ewer Song Dynasty
Small Ewer Song Dynasty – lovely glaze

I also love the glazing, it has green and a kind of grey colour.

Chinese small ewer Song Dynasty
Chinese small ewer Song Dynasty

Anyone know these type of ware? And if it is from the Southern Song Dynasty?

View of Ewer from the top
View of Ewer from the top

This is the top which sadly was broken. And below is the bottom of the ewer.

Back of the Ewer
Bottom of the ewer

Stay tuned, I will post more Chinese ceramics.

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