River Room at the Savoy

Christmas Dinner at the Savoy Hotel

This is my very first visit to the Savoy Hotel. And this is for an Office Christmas Dinner. Lucky me that this is paid for by my employer.

Savoy Hotel London
The main entrance of the Savoy

I use the main entrance to get in. There is a popular canopy with the ‘SAVOY’ logo. The lobby is pretty impressive with classic (Victorian?) design.

Lobby at Savoy Hotel
Classic lobby design at the Savoy
Savoy Lobby
It was in the middle of December, so there is a huge Christmas tree

The Christmas dinner took place at the River Room. It is quite a large hall where we can see Thames river from the rear windows.

River Room at the Savoy
The decoration for the Office Christmas dinner
Christmas Party at Savoy Hotel
Office Christmas Dinner at The Savoy

It is a three dining course with a float of red and white wine and orange juice. I have noted down each name of the course. My starter starts with a ‘smoked salmon with marinated beets, watercress, horseradish and soda bread crisps’.

Smoked salmon at the Savoy
This is the yummiest course of all three

Then my main course is of course turkey! It has a long description, here it is:

‘Roasted organic Cambridge  bronze turkey with  a chestnut stuffing, pancetta wrapped chipolatas, pumpkin  purée, Brussels sprouts with  a chestnut cremolata, roast potatoes, turkey jus and bread sauce’.

Roasted organic Cambridge bronze turkey
My roasted turkey from the Savoy

My dessert is a Christmas pudding! It is a Christmas pudding with Brandy sauce and mascarpone  ice cream.

Christmas pudding with Brandy sauce
Christmas pudding alla Savoy

You can see the size of the hall below. I think it fits ten tables (each table has 12 persons). So seating arrangement is for approximately 120 people.

River Room Savoy Hotel
My table is at the back 🙂

I also have a sneak peak at the Restaurant entrance (I think it is the Savoy Grill). Maybe next time when I am lucky enough, I will treat my husband to eat there :).

Savoy Hotel Restaurant
The restaurant entrance


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