garnet pearls gold georgian brooch

Georgian Garnet & Pearls Brooch

A very pretty Georgian brooch circa 1810-1830. This is my very first Georgian brooch and I am very excited! It is set with 10 garnets and 16 seed pearls.

garnet pearl georgian brooch
The brooch is about 200 years old!

I think it has at least 9ct gold. The colour of the gold is very bright yellow.

georgian gold brooch
The view from the back of the brooch

It has (unfortunately) been repaired at one side of the brooch.

georgian gold repaired brooch
There is one sign of repair.

The size is not too big but not too small either.

garnet pearls gold georgian brooch
You can measure the size by looking at this photo.

I really like that the garnets colour are all very clear. They are red to purple-ish. Maybe they are Rhodolite Garnet?

garnet pearls mourning brooch
Beautiful garnets with hair in the middle.

I think it is a mourning brooch as the picture above shows plaited hair in the middle. It is stunningly beautiful and in a good condition for the age (despite of a repair mark, of course).

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