Italian Holy Water Font

Holy Water Font Italian Pewter (Peltro)

Italian Holy Water Font

These are two very lovely Italian holy water font. The material is pewter and they are from the late 18th century.

Italian peltro (pewter) holy water font

My husband and I come into these beautiful antiques while we were in Ravenna, Italy. We bought these from an antique shop in the city centre of Ravenna.

Lovely image of Jesus and His angels holding His heart
Jesus on the cross and two Angels holding His sacred heart

The two items have almost similar design, but they are not exactly the same. Thus, we think that these two are not a pair.

Similar design but not exactly a pair

The seller told us that the materials is pewter and that they are from the late 18th century. And they are of neoclassic style.

The Holy water font from the back

I would have thought that these holy water fonts are used probably in individual homes.

Beautiful design of Italian holy water font
Isn’t it lovely?
Late 18th century holy water font

They serve as examples of religious antiques from the late 18th century in neoclassic style.

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