Northcote Road Antiques market Clapham

Northcote Road Antiques Market

Northcote Road Antiques Market

155a Northcote Road, London, SW11 6QB



On my bank holiday weekend, I have decided to visit Northcote Road antiques market in Clapham. It is approximately 10 minutes walk from Clapham Junction station. Northcote road itself is buzzing with Italian cafes, restaurants, gelato shop and delicatessen. It is a perfect scene to spend a relax Sunday there.

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The market itself is an indoor market with approximately 30 stalls. It seems not too big from the outside, but you will be surprised when you are inside. It is like you are transformed back to the Victorian time when you are there :). A lot of hidden gems are waiting to be found.

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There are two floors full of decorative antiques and furniture. I quite like the staircase setting that connects the floor. It feels you are in another period of time!

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I personally think that this market is a good one if you want to decorate your house or your living room in an old English setting. There you can find good quality of furnitures: tables, chairs, draws; nice paintings and prints; and decorative antiques such as candle stick holders.

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It can be a little bit pricey, particularly on silvers. But in this market, you can still find something nice even with a small budget.


Another advantage is that the market is open everyday, so you can always pop up whenever is the day you feel like to.


Oh and not too far away from the market, there is Breadstall, a pop up stall of pizza al taglio. For only £3 you can get a fresh delicious pizza to go to. My day of antiquing seems complete!


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