Ramillete de Flores Divinas

This is an antique prayer book that I bought from a shop at the top floor of Encants Barcelona.

Antique prayer book

It has a beautiful mother of pearl cover. It is written in Spanish.

Ramillete de Flores Divinas

The book title is “Ramilette de Flores Divinas”. It has a picture of St Mary “La Purisima Concepcion” at shown above.

Dated April 1927

The book is published in Barcelona on April 1927. It is good to see the date of this book.

Antique Spanish devotional book

And this is the end page of the book.

It says at the bottom: Rambla Prat, 11 – Barcelona

The size of the book is not big, so it is quite handy to bring with you along or place it in your pocket, when you are about to go to the Church, for example.

The size is very handy

I love the cover and the hinge too!

Very nice monogram and very nice hinge
Lovely hinge of the Spanish antique prayer book

It comes with a box, although it may not be the original box.

The antique prayer with the antique box

Eventhough the box may not be the original, it is an antique of its kind.

Devocionarios box

The book has a lovely mother of pearl cover and it has a sign of age. I actually choose it because it is the oldest date compare to other similar devotional books the shop has.

The back of the book

And I also love the golden colour of the side of the pages. I am quite surprised it is still golden as gold!

Golden colour of the pages

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