Rasa Sayang Dishes in London

Rasa Sayang Restaurant in London

Rasa Sayang is a Malaysian Restaurant in Chinatown, London. It is located at 5 Macclesfield St, London W1D 6AY. We went there last Saturday because I crave for Indonesian/similar food.

Rasa Sayang Restaurant at Chinatown London
Rasa Sayang Restaurant in Chinatown London

Yes this is my order: Nasi Goreng Istimewa! I love the Satay sauce! It is quite spicy. The rice is good too with a small portion of anchovies. I think it is best to be described as Malaysian nasi goreng (not Indonesian one). I crave for Indonesian abang-abang (street style) nasi goreng and this is the closest I can get. It is also served with prawn crackers though I believe the crackers are more like Thai crackers.

Nasi Goreng Istimewa Rasa Sayang
Nasi Goreng Istimewa

My husband order is Mee Goreng, in which I find it yummy because it is served with squids and Tiger prawns. My husband says the same that the Mee Goreng is delicious.

Mie Goreng Rasa Sayang
Mee Goreng at Rasa Sayang

For drinks, I wanted to have some Indonesian/closer to Indonesian drinks, so I opted for Bandung Rose Syrup (pink rose syrup) and my husband had a Cincau (grass jelly). They are lovely, though I am not sure why they called ‘Bandung’ in the drink. There is nothing reminding me of Bandung when I had the syrup. The Cincau though is more of a  kind of Indonesian drink.

Up and close with Cincau and Bandung Ice Syrup.
Up and close with Cincau and Bandung Rose Syrup.

Here are Rasa Sayang food menus:

Rice and Soup Dishes
Rice and Soup Dishes
Noodles at Rasa Sayang London
Noodles menu

And here is the drink menu:

Drinks menu at Rasa Sayang
Drinks menu at Rasa Sayang

All in all, I do like Rasa Sayang and the next time I will be back for sure.

Rasa Sayang
Rasa Sayang logo
Rasa Sayang Dishes in London
Our Lunch at Rasa Sayang

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