585 pocket watch 14k gold

Union Glocke German Pocket Watch

A full hunter German pocket watch is here now! It is a Union Glocke Dürrstein Pocket Watch.

Gloke Union German pocket watch
Front cover case

This is a 14 carat case full hunter style. The diameter of the watch is approximately 52mm. The weight overall is 95 grams.

585 pocket watch 14k gold
A very pretty enameled dial
two hinge pocket watch gold
It has two hinges at the bottom

The case has 0.585 hallmark (meaning that it is 14k). The case has Glocke logo and German importmarks. Both of the cases has number 41701.

0.585 hallmarks

The movement is a good quality with probably 15 jewels. It has lever escapement, Breguet hairspring, and is marked ‘Union’ with number 41701.

Union Dürrstein watch has quite a historical background: Johanne Dürrstein founded a wholesale watch company in 1874 in Dresden, Germany. By 1880, he introduced the brand ‘Union’ and by 1893, Union Dürrstein & Co. was officially founded in Glashütte, a small town in Saxony, Germany. Since then Union Glashütte/SA brand was set.

The main purpose of Dürrstein is to make good quality Glashütte watches with affordable price. Thus Union Dürrstein watches are considered to have high horological function with limitation on the decorative aspect. However, the glory days of Union Dürrstein was not last forever. Due to recession, the last production ceased at 1926 and the company closed in 1933.

pocket watch crown
The crown I think is a replacement (?)
Taschenuhr German pocket watch
The back case of the watch
Taschenuhr 585 gold
The thickness of the watch

I can only open the front case of the watch, there is a small pin on top of the crown where I can press to open the case. But for the back case I think I need a special watch case (knife) opener.

14 karat Taschenuhr 585
Lovely Union pocket watch

It has gilded hands from Louis XV and the watch age is approximately circa 1900.

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