A. Lucchesi Faro Madonna Cherubs antique

A Lucchesi Faro Madonna and Cherubs Holy Water Font

This is an impressive holy water font of Madonna and Cherubs.

A. Luchessi Faro Madonna Cherubs antique
Madonna and Cherubs Holy Water Font

It is signed by ‘A. Lucchesi Faro’. I bought it from an antique shop in Mainz, Germany.

Holy water font signed A. Luchessi Faro
Signed by A. Lucchesi Faro

After doing some research, according to this database from the University of Glasgow, Andrea Carlo Lucchesi was born in London in 19 October 1859. He is of an Italian descent. He was a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. He has done some exhibitions and has studio in Camden. He died in 9 April 1925.

Madonna and cherubs holy water font
Madonna and Cherubs Holy water font – beautifully hand-painted

Though my Holy water font is signed ‘A. Lucchesi Faro’, I believe this is a reproduction of his art. So this piece might not be from the Victorian era. This might be a vintage piece from the 1950-1960.

Holy water font faro
It has a hook on the top

It has a hook on top, so you can hang it on the wall. The Madonna has blue eyes colour. And so do the Cherubs. Maybe the blue eyes of Madonna represent the typical Italian painting style? I am not sure. But I would say this piece has an Italian style. It might be made in Italy due to the signature ‘FARO’ on it.

Blue eyes of Madonna and Cherubs
Blue eyes of Madonna and Cherubs

Here is the look of the Holy-water-font from the back.

At the back of A. Luchessi Faro
The look from the back

The size of this Holy water font is quite big. It is larger than the palm of my hand. I really love this Holy water font, the hand-painted colour is very vivid. I would love to know more about this piece, for example, when and where it was made, and what does ‘Faro’ mean in the signature. If anyone knows about it, please do let me know.

A. Lucchesi Faro Madonna and Cherubs
Large size Holy water font



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