A pair of antique German gilded cherubs

A Pair of Antique Cherubs Wood Carving

This is one of the most beautiful antiques I have collected. It is a pair of hand painted wood carved cherubs.

A pair of antique German gilded cherubs
A pair of antique German gilded cherubs

I bought it from Antiquitäten Kottmeier, an antique shop in Trier-Germany. I think the seller says that they are German.

German antique wood carved gild cherubs
They are gilded and made from wood.

If I remember correctly, the seller says that they are from circa 1890 into 1920. So they are from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.

German antique wood carved angels cherubs
Here is the closer look of one of the angels.

As you can see they each have a hook at the top. I think to hang it on the wall.

Hand painted gilded wood carved angels
A hook on top of each angel.

Look at the angel impression. It is divine! The hand painted colour is still vivid. The angels eyes are black ~ so is this a typical German style of painting?

Hand painted cherubs gilded angels wood carved
The angel impression is divine

The gilded colour on the angel wings is vividly bright.

German wood carved cherubs angels
The gilded colour is still vivid

You can also measure the size. It is about a little less than a palm of my hand.

Antique cherubs gilded angels hand painted
It has a hook on top. Look at the colour of the hair!

The painting on wood is so beautiful. The angel has brown eyebrows and caramel lips.

German antique wood carved gilded angels
Look at the face of the Cherub! They have so angelic face!

The angels from the back:

Antique German Cherubs hand painted
The look from the back

I am so in love with these heavenly cherubs! If anyone knows more the history about them i.e. are they really German? And what period exactly they were made, please do let me know.

A pair of German antique Cherubs
A delightful pair of antique cherubs

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