German antique bell

Antique Bell with Evangelist Names

Here it is an antique bell with Evangelist names. I bought it from Mainzer Antikladen, an antique shop in Mainz Germany.

German antique bell
German antique bell

The seller told me that the bell is dated around 1930s. And it is German.

Mathevs antique bell
Evangelist bell

What attracted me the most is the decoration on the bell. It depicts four of the Evangelists: Matheus, Marcus. Lucas, Johannus.

Marcus with a lion antique bell
Marcus with a lion

The pronunciation of the Evangelist names is in Latin, so it is written as MATHEVS, MARCVS, LVCAS, JOHANNVS.

Lucas antique bell evangelist name
It says ‘LVCAS’

There is a sense of age in this bell. Some of the decorations have been rubbed. I asked the seller if this bell is a church bell, he says no this is a privately owned bell. So I am not quite sure if the bell has been used for a certain function or if it is just a decorative item.

German antique bell
Inside the bell

This brass bell is quite heavy. And it rings quite loud too.

Antique bell rings quite loud
It is heavy and rings quite loud

The below image shows the word ‘JOHANNVS’ on the bell. I am not familiar with Latin, but is ‘Johannvs’ the correct Latin pronunciation for Johannes?

Johannvs name with bird decoration
Johannvs name with bird decoration

The bell really is a thick solid brass.

German antique bell circa 1930s
The bell from the top.
Heavy antique German bell
It shows a wear and tear, but still the decoration is nicely crafted on the bell
Heavy German antique bell evangelist
Lovely bell depicting the Evangelists

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