Antique Persian pencil case

Antique Persian Pencil Case

I have found this Antique Persian pencil case from Portobello Antiques Market. As soon as I saw it, I love it! I really like the intricate colourful painting on it. I thought at first it is made from ivory, but not, it is made from wood. It is in fact inlay wood.

Antique Persian pencil case
I love the colourful painting!

The dealer told me that it was made in 1910 to 1920, so it is approximately 95 to 100 years old.

Antique Persian hand painted pencil case
It is I think a pencil case, but can be used as other functions of course.

I have searched from Google, that the design is called Khatam. It is a unique inlay design in Persian crafting.

Khatam inlay wood pencil case
Khatam from the back
Antique Khatam Persian pencil case
It has also Khatam on the sides

The design depicts a scene hunting, with some men in horses maybe hunting deer?

Hunting scene pencil case khatam
Zooming the left side hunting scene
Antique Perian hunting scene
Zooming the right side of the case



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