Sirloin steak Hilton Islington

Axis Restaurant at Hilton Islington

I would like to share my dining experience at Axis Restaurant at the Hilton in Islington.

I have decided to take my husband for a festive dinner in December. After searching for a good restaurant with good value and great quality, I have chosen Axis Restaurant in Hilton Islington.

Hilton Islington
Hilton Islington building
Axis Bar Hilton Islington
Table is reserved

Interestingly there were not many people dining there. Therefore I would recommend this place if you want a quiet and relaxing dinner.

Axis Bar Restaurant Hilton
The restaurant just next to the lobby
Hilton Islington Dining menu
The dining menu

If you look at their prices, it is very reasonable for Hilton quality!

Hilton Islington Food Menu
The food menu
Hilton Islington drink menu
The drink menu

We decided to have two courses meal: main and dessert.

Sirloin Steak at Hilton Islington Hotel
Main menu: Sirloin steak

We both choose Sirloin steak as our main. It tastes good and you really get a good value of money for a steak! It is served complete with salad and chips. Just one suggestion that they should serve it with a sharp knife, as I feel that their knife is too soft to cut the steak.

Sirloin steak Hilton Islington
Yummy sirloin steak: very recommended

As for dessert, my husband had a chocolate pudding and I had a lemon tart.

Chocolate Pudding Hilton Islington
Chocolate Pudding
Lemon Tart Axis Bar
Lemon Tart

As it was during festive season, there was of course a Christmas tree!

Axis Restaurant Hilton Islington
Christmas tree near lobby

Ehm.. bill at the end 🙂

Axis Bar Hilton Islington London
Bill at Axis Hilton Islington

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