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Antiquing Alla Chelsea

Antique shops in Chelsea

This time I accompany my hubby to buy an antique match-box at a premium location in London: Chelsea!

There is an arcade consists of about 25 antique shops, it is called Bourbon Hanby Antiques Arcade. It is located at 151 Sydney St, Chelsea SW3 6NT. I was there on a Saturday and based on google search, I think this arcade is open from Monday to Saturday 10am – 6pm.

Bourbon Hanby Antiques Arcade
The look of the arcade from the front door
Bourbon Hanby collection
The first shop that you see right from the front door
Inside the Bourbon Hanby Arcade
Inside the Bourbon Hanby Arcade

I would say the antiques sold here are of good quality. And as they are located in a premium district, the price can get hiked up too. Nevertheless, some items are quite reasonably priced so you might get something suits your budget.

Chelsea Antique Shop
Nice chandelier
Chelsea antiques silver
What a great collection of jewellery

It would make a great place to visit on your Saturday stroll since the location surrounding the arcade is very nice too (it’s Kings road Chelsea!).

Vesta cases at Bourbon Hanby Chelsea antiques
The shop where hubby bought his vesta
Antique Crystal Glasses
Antique Crystal Glasses
A Stall inside the Bourbon Hanby Arcade
Erm I think this one sells Chinese ceramics?


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