Masonic gold intaglio seal

Masonic Gold Seal Intaglio Blue

This is the piece that I bought at the Milan Naviglio Grande antique market. It is a gold pendant with masonic seal. It is meticulously finished by hand. The colour of the seal is blue-off-white.

masonic gold seal
Rare antique masonic gold seal
Masonic gold intaglio seal
It is in good condition

I am not sure about the age of this piece. I am hoping it is quite old, maybe around 19th century?

blue-off-white masonic seal
It has blue-off-white masonic seal
Antique Masonic intaglio gold seal
It is quite small
Gold masonic wax seal pendant rare
It is hand made

I bought it from an Italian lady. She gave me her name card.

raffaella rossi
Raffaella Rossi, the seller.

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