austria 1807 silver spoon hallmark

Austrian Antique Spoon c.1807

When visiting Vienna antiques market, the Naschmarkt, I saw this beautiful old spoon circa 1807.

austria 1807 silver spoon hallmark
Pretty solid silver spoon in a good condition for the age!

It is quite a heavy spoon, which I am sure the weight is more than 50 grams.

Antique spoon from Graz Austria
The spoon look from the back

It has an Austro Hungarian hallmark for solid silver. It says 1807. It has a letter H means that the spoon was made in Graz, Austria. The spoon also has a marker mark GR, probably made by Georg Rungaldier.

1807 Austria silver from Graz
The Austro-Hungarian hallmark

I am not sure what the function of this spoon, maybe this is a table spoon.

antique spoon from austria
You can guess the size of the spoon 🙂

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