ringstrassen galerien sunday antique

Vienna Antique Market & Fair

This time I am very fortunate to visit Vienna, the capital city of Austria. I would like to share two antiquing experience in this beautiful city.

1. Vienna Antiques Market at the Naschmarkt

It is located at the famous Naschmarkt. The nearest metro station is Kettenbrückengasse.

naschmarkt flea market vienna
It is surrounded by pretty buildings
antique naschmarkt vienna
Yes please this way for antiques…

If you have come from the food market, keep going until the end, and you will see the antique stalls.

antique market in vienna
One of the antique stalls
austria antique market
Ups antique knife??
austrian antique market
Argentor or silver?

The antique market is held every Saturday. Make sure you come early. Some dealers already packed/closed their stalls as early as 12:30pm.

vienna antique market on saturday
A great day to spend on a Saturday morning
flea market naschmarkt
More antiques this way please..

It was in the middle of November and the weather was too cold. I think it was about 2 degree Celsius.

vienna antiques market
Can you see the sleet?
vienna antique market saturday
Antiquing is still going on while the weather outside is frightful
antique market in naschmarkt
Yes it was too cold. But hey can you see pretty building behind?

It is a mixture of antique and flea market, so you can find stalls that sell anything and everything.

vienna antiques market
It is wet and people sell their goods on the floor (??)
naschmarkt vienna antique
Yes anything and everything..
vienna antique in naschmarkt
Pretty little things

What did I buy from the Naschmarkt antiques market? A spoon! Click here to find out more about the spoon.

2. Antiques Fair at the Ringstrassen-Galerien

Unlike the first antique market, which is an outdoor one, this second market is an indoor market.

ringstrassen galerien antikmarkt
Antikmarkt this way please…

This is an antique fair that is held twice a month – at the second and fourth Sunday of the month. The location is at a trendy gallery named Ringstrassen-Galerien. The nearest metro station is Karlsplatz.

ringstrassen galerien sunday antique
This is a very nice antique fair in Vienna
ringstrassen galerien sunday fair
Nice quality items at the fair!
antique fair in vienna
Crystal glasses? My Dad like them!

I would say that you will find good quality antiques at the fair. The price is quite varied from one stall to the others, probably best to shop around and see all the stalls and then decide what you will buy.

vienna antique fair ringstrassen galerien
antique fair vienna
A mixture of antiques! Worth to buy rather than getting souvenirs 🙂
vienna antique market sunday
More antiques cha cha cha..

So if you have a free Sunday, why not come and see this antiques fair! You will find some wonderful things which are local (made in Austria) and has historic value (rather than buying souvenirs for example…).

antikmarkt vienna sunday
It is very interesting to jump from one stall to the other…
where to go in vienna
Antique chess with some silver on the right
antik fair vienna wien
Antique books 🙂

It is quite a big fair with stalls covered up two floors:

vienna antique fair
Maybe there are about 100 stalls altogether
antiques fair in austria
As you see the stalls are surroundings the two floor
antique gallery vienna
More stalls along the corridor
where antik market vienna
More in the corner..

I got to have one item from this fair and I found a very cute ladies pocket watch. Click here for more details.

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