India Calcutta Silver

Calcutta Silver Milk Jug

This is an antique Indian silver circa 1900.

India silver circa 1900

It is made in Calcutta, India.

Calcutta silver

It is from the British Raj colonial period.

British Raj colonial silver

I am very much liking the intricate details of the jug!

Very intricate detail of Calcutta silver

There are two cows appearance on the silver! It is a typical village scenery in India! Very beautiful indeed!

Cows on Calcutta silver

There is man walking the cow and also a lady (probably) talking to a cow.

A man walking the cow on a village

There is so much going on on the embossed silver! Can you see the top also has the embossed village scene details!

The top (upper body of the jug) has village house scenery too

The handle even has some carving on it.

The carving on the handle

This is the back / or the bottom of the jug.

The bottom of the jug

The silver jug weights about 150 gram.

The view of inside the jug
Lovely Calcutta India silver

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