Double Gourd Vase

Chinese Double Gourd Vase

This is a very charming Chinese double gourd vase circa 10th century.

Chinese Double Gourd

I believe it is found in a river near Palembang in South Sumatera, Indonesia. Or this object is probably found in Musi river.

Small double gourd vase
Height approx 6.5-7cm
Length approx 3.7-4cm

The condition of this vase is not pretty. I would say the condition is fair, commensurate with the age.

The glazing has gone
The condition is fair

I believe there was green glazing on the vase. Somehow this glazing has gone, probably washed by the river water (?) or it is being overly cleaned when it was found.

The face from the top

This vase probably is from Yue-kiln sites. I am not sure from what Chinese Dynasty is this vase from. Probably Five Dynasties?

Yue-kiln double gourd ewer

The vase is from circa 10th century (AD 901 – 1000). I dated this based on similar collection at the Ashmolean Museum (Yousef Jameel Centre for Islamic and Asian Art). Please see here:

Of course the Museum collection is far more superior, full green glazed, and with slightly bigger size than my collection.

10th century double gourd vase

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The back/bottom of the vase
View of the vase from the top

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