Golf vesta case

Edwardian Gold Vesta Case

Superb early Edwardian 9ct gold vesta case!

Gold Vesta Case
9ct gold vesta case

It has an embossed golfer in the front side.

Solid Gold Vesta Case Edwardian
Embossed Golfer design

The size is a size of a small vesta. So it is not too big. Here is the measurement in the palm hand.

9ct Birmingham vesta hallmark
The size of the vesta is not very big

There is a 9ct hallmark of 9 and 375. There is also a Birmingham assay office mark and a letter ‘d’ for year 1903. The marker’s mark is a bit rub, so I can’t really read it.

Birmingham 9ct hallmark circa 1903.
Birmingham 9ct hallmark circa 1903.

The back side is plain. It has a side ring too. Maybe at that time it was being put in a necklace?

Edwardian Gold vesta case
Shiny back side

The striker is clearly shown at the bottom.

Antique Gold Vesta Case Golfer
Striker for the matches

The weight is around 17 gram. I really love this charming vesta!

Golf vesta case
Loved this gold vesta!

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