Exeter silver spoon year 1845

Silver spoon Exeter hallmark

This is a lovely spoon with Exeter hallmark. I am so excited to find this spoon in an antique fair in Sarratt. It has a hallmark that I have never seen before: an Exeter hallmark!

Exeter silver hallmark

What a lovely Exeter hallmark there is! There is a Victorian head mark which is a Duty sign. My husband told me that it is an import mark. Meaning that the spoon probably is sold to other country. There is also letter i, for year 1845. The marker mark is J.S probably John Stone?

Exeter silver spoon

There is also an engraving perhaps someone initials?

Exeter silver hallmark

I really love this Exeter hallmark! And please have a look my other post, I also bought a pouncer pot.

Victorian Silver spoon and Edwardian Pouncer Pot

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