antichita burgalassi with its serious collection

Pisa and Pisa Antique Shops

Travelling in Pisa and Seeing the Pisa Antique Shops

And so yes I am taking my annual leave to travel to Pisa, Italy. It was on early June 2016 and I stayed in Pisa for only two nights. The weather was so not Italian summer apparently. It was raining and grey. But I am still excited to see Tuscany for the first time. Italy has always been the first choice for panoramic holiday. As with other Italian cities, Pisa has its classical looks on buildings and streets. So Italian and so I like.

I arrive in Pisa using Ryanair from London Stansted. If you are based in Europe, it is easy to get around using budget airline. Ryanair is good as it flies three times a day from London to Pisa. And the price, of course everyone agrees on its competitiveness.

So here I am on the first night staying at Hotel La Pace near Pisa Centrale train station. The room is clean and tidy and the breakfast is superb. I would say the hotel has got a character and so it has a classic decoration.

Hotel La Pace Pisa Review
Bedroom interior at Hotel La Pace, Pisa
The Loo of Hotel La Pace
The shower room of Hotel La Pace
La Pace breakfast
You won’t want to miss the breakfast at La Pace

When I am about to explore the city, I have found this beautiful church of Santa Maria della Spina near the Arno river. It has an amazing gothic look and to see this church stands beside the river is just magical.

Chiesa Santa Maria della Spina
Chiesa Santa Maria della Spina, isn’t it beautiful?

And so I get into the historic part of Pisa: the most famous Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Duomo di Pisa. My husband told me that the Leaning Tower is basically the bell tower for the Duomo. I think it is a fantastic story that the bell tower is (apparently) more famous than its church.

The Leaning Tower and The Duomo
The Leaning Tower and The Duomo on a cloudy morning Pisa
Duomo di Pisa
The fantastic Duomo di Pisa from the front door

And so the Squares of Miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli) is not complete without the St John Baptistery. Did Galileo Galilei use this Duomo complex as his regular-visit stroll? I can imagine Galileo was walking around the complex and attending a mass at the Cathedral. What a fantastic feeling to think that we can do what Galileo’s do four-hundred years ago.

San Giovanni Baptistery Pisa
San Giovanni Baptistery Pisa

Just across the Leaning Tower, I can see a very Tuscan panoramic view. Ignore the grey clouds and scaffolding :).

A view of Tuscany panorama
A view of Tuscany panorama

And because my main reason for this trip is antiquing, the travel to Pisa is not complete without visiting the antique shops in Pisa. I must admit that I am a little bit disappointed of the number of antique shops in Pisa. There are very few! I see only three shops exist while other antique shops are closed or out of business already. For a big historic city like Pisa, it should have more antique shops to showcase its history to the world!

Oh well, these are the three antique shops that I visited.

1.Antichita Burgalassi – via San Francesco 111, Pisa

Antichita Burgalassi front door
Antichita Burgalassi front door

This is a serious antique shop with a very friendly owner. The owner itself allows me to take photos of his collection. Amazing!

antichita burgalassi with its serious collection
Antichita Burgalassi with its serious collection

The owner even gives me his business card :p

Dr. Roberto Burgalassi business card
Oh he is an academic? I wonder what the subject of his Doctorate? Doctorate in Antiquing –> I want that too!
Anthichita Burgalassi Via San Francesco Pisa
Inside the Anthichita Burgalassi; I am drooling..

He told me the two of most interesting and unusual antiques on his collection. First is the pair of Venetian blackamoor for which I think they are candle holders. And second is the Madonna (Maria) figure in a golden stake (?) for which I may think it is used in the Church or for a Novena procession.

venezia antique blackamoor lamp antichita burgalassi
Venetian blackamoor lamps: standing on a gondola!
Madonna antique antichita burgalassi
See that Madonna statue in the corner?

2. Antiques di Leporatti Alessandro – via San Francesco 64, Pisa

Still in the same street, there is another antique shop, but I do not take photos inside the shop (sorry..). This shop has a few collection of Italian antique silver, but the price is way out of my budget :).

Antique shop in Pisa di Leporatti Alessandro
Antiques di Leporatti Alessandro from the left side
Antique shop in Pisa di Leporatti Alessandro
And from the right side..

3. Antiquariato Trouvè di Lorelay Trouvè – Via San Francesco 14, Pisa

Well this is once again in the same street, however I did not get inside the shop as it was siesta time.

Trouve Antiquariato Antique shop Pisa
From the front door only..

I then continue the journey from Pisa to Arezzo to see the main attraction: Arezzo Antiques Fair.

It is very easy to travel from Pisa to Arezzo. Just go to Pisa Centrale train station and buy the ticket on the spot. That’s it. It takes approximately two hours and I have to change the train in Florence.

train ticket from Pisa to Arezzo
Don’t forget to validate the ticket before boarding

While waiting in Florence, I’d decided to have a lunch-break of bruschetta near Firenze Santa Maria Novella station.

bruschettini firenze light lunch
Bruschettini for two

I will be posting my journey in Arezzo too.. So watch out this space 🙂

My last night in Pisa was spent at the Hotel Terminus Plaza. The hotel is located very convenient to the Pisa Centrale train station. It is tidy, clean and modern. The only minus is that two of the receptionists were a bit grumpy..

This is Terminus Plaza main door
This is Terminus Plaza main door
teminus plaza reception
At the Lobby..
terminus plaza lobby
Lobby: can you see Toscana map? 🙂
terminus plaza bedroom
Terminus plaza bedroom
terminus plaza shower room
Terminus plaza shower room

Luckily it was a sunny Sunday, so I went to explore the city again. If you are tired of walking, there is a local bus that takes you from Pisa Centrale stazione to Piazza dei Miracoli.

Bus from the Stazione to the Leaning Tower Pisa
Bus ticket from the Stazione to the Leaning Tower
One of the Piazza near San Francesco street Pisa
One of the Piazza near San Francesco street

And as it was quite warm, it is time for gelati at the Salza.

Tiramisu gelati Pisa Salza
Tiramisu gelati.. buonissima..

I was flying back to London Stansted at the next early morning. Arrivederci Pisa and I can’t wait to get back to Italy!

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