longines gold watch

Vintage Longines 9ct Wristwatch

A very pretty vintage Longines ladies watch bracelet circa 1965.

longines gold watch
It’s lovely isn’t it?

The watch is in good condition, but I think it may need service – or maybe I have to learn how to wind a manual watch 🙂

longines winder ladies watch
It is written ‘longines’ on its winder

It is not a big watch, I think they called it a cocktail watch, as its diameter is less than 2cm.

ladies longines watch 9ct
It is a cute watch, not a big one 🙂

It has a 9ct case and 9ct bracelet and the total weight is about 19.50 grams.

longines gold bracelet watch
Hallmark 9 and 375 on the bracelet

There is a marker mark of DS&S on the strap. According to the seller, DS&S is the mark used by Shackford and Sons for Longines.

longines gold hallmark
Hallmark DS&S and 9 and 375 on the strap
longines 9ct gold bracelet
I may have developed a like of vintage watch.. hmmm as its design is timeless…
longines 9ct watch
I like this integral bracelet as it shows that the watch maintains its originality.

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