small antique swiss pocket watch

Swiss small ladies pocket watch

This is my very first pocket watch and I am so excited! I get it from the Vienna Antiques Fair at the Ringstrassen-Galerien.

swiss pocket watch antique
So cute look at the hand winding!

It is a small watch with a diameter less than 3cm. I think this type of watch is simply called ‘open face’ pocket watch.

swiss 14k ladies pocket watch
I can open the front case to see the dial

The watch case has a 14K written hallmark with a squirrel hallmark – from the Swiss hallmarking system. It has a serial number I think it reads ‘139576’.

14K small pocket watch
14K with a slightly worn squirrel hallmark underneath it

It also has a middle metal lid called ‘cuivre’ meaning copper in French, with the same serial number ‘139576’.

cuivre pocket watch
The ‘cuivre’ metal lid with a matching serial number.
14k swiss ladies pocket watch
The back of the lid says ‘metal’

I kinda like pocket watch because it has a lot of parts in it. It shows a truly handmade antique which requires precision.

small ladies swiss pocket watch
I can now open all the parts of the watch 🙂

The weight of this pocket watch is about 18.1 grams.

small antique swiss pocket watch
Roman numerals on the dial

It is a manual handling watch so I think I need to winding it manually to make it works.

small ladies 14ct pocket watch
Manual handling watch! Hats off to whoever made the pocket watch!

The lady who sold it says that this pocket watch is about 100-120 years, meaning that it was probably made in the late 19th century or early 1900s.

intricate antique pocket watch
What a lovely flowery design on the back case


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