Arezzo Amphitheatre

Arezzo: the Italian City of Antiques

Two days full of antiquing in Arezzo

Well, I suggest all antique lovers to visit Arezzo, a city in Tuscany Italy, where there are plenty of well established antique shops and not to forget the once-a-month Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo.

My journey to Arezzo starts from Pisa. I use Pisa as the base city, as Pisa Airport is conveniently located and reasonably priced to fly from/to London.

It only takes two hours train from Pisa to Arezzo. The train route is Pisa-Florence-Arezzo. So there is a stop over in Florence.

I was in Arezzo for two nights in the early June 2016. My main visit is obviously the Arezzo Antiques Fair.

Arezzo Antiques Fair 2016
See my complete review on the fair here

My stay in Arezzo begins in Hotel Portici. It is just a ten minutes stroll from the main rail station and a five minutes walk to Piazza Grande, the main area for antique fairs.

Well, I would not be able to afford this hotel without my husband treat :). Our room is elegantly decorated and is spacious.

Hotel Portici Arezzo Bedroom
Bedroom at Hotel Portici, Arezzo
Living room Hotel Portici Arezzo
A green-coordinated decor in our room

The shower room looks well presented with green marble and a grand antique mirror :).

Shower room Hotel Portici
A grand antique-style mirror
Shower room Portici Hotel Arezzo
Green marble all over the shower room

The breakfast is very interesting although I can say that it is not the best breakfast I have experienced in Italy.

Breakfast Hotel Il Portici Arezzo
Breakfast in Hotel Portici, can you spot our room number? 🙂
Breakfast room Hotel Portici
Breakfast room: my husband likes the antique clock
Breakfast Selection Hotel Portici
The selection of breakfast

So on the first day in Arezzo, I visited the Arezzo Roman Ampitheatre. It is located not far from the hotel. Although the amphitheatre does not look grand, on it’s heyday it must have been the greatest arena in Arezzo.

Roman Amphitheatre Arezzo
Roman Amphitheatre in Arezzo
Arezzo Amphitheatre
Arezzo Amphitheatre in a Tuscanic view

And the antiquities continue by visiting the National Archaeological Museum.

National Archaeological Museum of Arezzo
National Archaeological Museum of Arezzo

On my second day, I visited the most famous Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo or the Arezzo Antiques Fair. Please see here for a comprehensive review of the antiques fair.

Apart from the fair itself, there are about 20-30 antique shops in central Arezzo which remains open throughout the fair days (Saturday and Sunday). I must say that I am a bit overwhelmed because I have never seen so many antiques all over me. And most of them are Italian! It is so excited to see many Italian antiques: the beauty and the classic design are winning!

As I am walking around the Arezzo city centre, I took pictures on some antique shops in Arezzo. Here they are:

1. Stefani La Vecchia Antichita

Stefani La Vecchia Antichita Arezzo
Stefani La Vecchia Antichita, Piazza San Francesco, 26

2. Galeria Antiquaria Giano

Galeria Antiquaria Giano
Galeria Antiquaria Giano, Via Camillo Benso Cavour, 10

3. Hermes Anthichita

This shop has some Italian argento (silver), but they are out of my budget :).

Hermes Anthichita Arezzo
Hermes Anthichita, Via Monaco Guido, 5

4. Polimnia Antichita

Polimnia Antichita Arezzo
Polimnia Antichita (I did not note the address..)

5. Micene Antichita

Micene Antichita
Micene Antichita (did not get the address too..)

6. Dominiqa Antichita

I think in here my husband bought a small religious pill box.

Dominiqa Antichita Arezzo
It also has a nice painting of Venice

7. Burzi Antichita

In this shop, my husband noticed a beautiful painting of St John the Baptist.

Burzi Antichita Arezzo
Burzi Antichita, Corso Italia, 22

8. Antichita Fatucchi

Antichita Fatucchi, Corso Italia, 34
Antichita Fatucchi, Corso Italia, 34

Arezzo itself is a beautiful city; it is a lovely place to stroll around. In the centre of Piazza Grande, there is a Romanesque style church of Santa Maria Della Pieve, designed with its fantastic pillars.

Santa Maria Della Pieve
Chiesa Santa Maria Della Pieve, dated back as early as 1008.
Corso di Italia Arezzo
Corso di Italia: the main historic street. Please don’t mind the cloud.

After a full day of antiquing, I found a nice Italian restaurant in Via De Denci (but sorry I forget the name of the ristorante). Their antipasti and pasta are delicious and reasonably priced.

tagliatelle mince beef ragu sauce
Tagliatelle with mince beef ragu sauce
antipasti arezzo restaurant Via De Denci
All you can eat antipasti (cost €8 but it’s worth it).

And the second day in Arezzo is completed. I then had a good night sleep at Hotel Portici and checked-out the next morning.

breakfast day two at hotel portici
Breakfast at hotel Portici before going back to Pisa
View from bedroom window at Hotel Portici
View from bedroom window at Hotel Portici

And it’s time to get back to Pisa using the train. Arrivederci Arezzo and surely this visit won’t be the last.

Arezzo to Pisa by train for €
Arezzo to Pisa by train for €14

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