Changsha Jarlet Tang Dynasty

This is a very lovely Chinese jarlet from the period of the Tang Dynasty.

Chinese jarlet

This jarlet was made at circa AD 850-900 ; thus it is a very old one!

Changsha jar 9th century

The kiln is from the Changsha kiln, one of the famous kilns during the Tang dynasty.

Changsha kiln

The glaze is a little bit erased or gone, but I believe this commensurates with the age.

Glaze is a little bit off, commensurate with the age

Inside the jarlet, I can see green glazing too, very pretty!

Green glazed inside the jarlet
Can you see green glazing inside?

This is the measurement of the jarlet.

Height is 4 cm

The height of the jarlet is about 4 cm.

Width is about 6.5 cm

And the width of the jarlet is around 6.5 cm.

Width of the jarlet

And this is the appearance of the bottom of the jarlet.

The back of the jarlet

Do you know what is the function of this jarlet? Is it for drinking tea? Is it to put the ink? Is it just for water probably to grow plants?

Changsha jarlet

I believe this jarlet is found near Musi river in Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia.

Chinese ceramics found in Musi river

If you have any further information about this jarlet, please comments below. I’d like to know what is the function of the jarlet, who usually use this jarlet, is it produced in mass, and why is it ended up near musi river in Palembang.

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