Map of Bali by Jacob Le Maire

Map of Bali circa 1619 by Le Maire

Beautiful and rare map of Bali circa year 1619.

Map of Bali

The map is probably by Jacob Le Maire, a Dutch mariner.

Jacob Le Maire Map circa 1619

Together with Willem Schouten, Jacob Le Maire sailed Eendracht, a ship built by his father Isaac Le Maire.

The map probably is in Dutch Language

Jacob Le Maire and Willem Schouten arrived in Northern Moluccas in August 1616, and in Ternate in September 1616, and continued to Java and arrived in Batavia in October 1616.

De Strate van Balij

However, Eendracht was confiscated by JP Coen; and Le Maire and Schouten were arrested and sent back to Amsterdam via Batavia.

Bali is written as Balij

Unfortunately Le Maire died en route to Amsterdam. This map of Bali probably a completion of Le Maire draft taken from his report during this voyage to the Spice Islands. It is published circa year 1619.

Lovely map of Bali circa year 1619

The map is in Dutch language and Bali is written as “Balij”.

Le Maire map of Bali

The shape of Bali is also drawn incorrectly as per geographical location. Though the map is beautifully drawn with temples present. The map probably is one of the earliest examples of how Bali is geographically depicted by the western world.

Temples on the Bali map by Le Maire
Beautiful navigation lines also present on the map

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