Gold Seal Intaglio Pendant

Gold Seal Red Intaglio

I could not stop to like gold seal intaglio. Intaglio I think is an engraved gem. I like it because it is incredibly beautiful. The hand crafting usually is just so pretty and so detail. This is my first engraved intaglio seal from the Bushey’s Yew Tree Fair.

I think the colour of the gem is red to orange. I am not sure what the stone is called. I think it is made in Edwardian time.

Gold Seal Intaglio Pendant
Lovely design
Eliza gold seal red intaglio
I think the intaglio says ‘Eliza’
Gold sliced seal intaglio
Look at the left scratch/sliced sign, my hubby says it is to test if it is real gold.
Antique gold seal real gold
This seal is not too big.
Gold pendant seal
Imagine I have my own seal engraved in my name… hmmm…


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