India Antique Textile from Rajasthan

Following my recent trip to India, I bought this small fabric when I was in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Antique textile from Rajasthan

The seller said this embroidery was made around 120 years ago. So this is an example of 19th century Rajasthan hand crafting on fabric.

Old India embroidery

The seller did say that no one made this type of embroidery anymore as this is an old style of decorating. So he assures me that this is an antique piece.

Antique Rajasthan embroidery

I very much love the decorations, in particular the glasses / mirror materials. If you see from the picture, the embroidery uses many small glasses/mirrors as the decorations.

Old Rajasthan embroidery using mirrors

This embroidery was knitted into a modern clothing to become a cushion.

It is knitted to become a cushion

The shops have many types of these old Victorian embroidery, and this one is my favourite because it has many mirrors sewn into.

Antique India fabric

The back of this embroidery has the old sewing type ~ which I am not an expert but I do hope that this is Victorian or 19th century sewing.

The back of the embroidery
Old Indian sewing

If you know anything about this type of embroidery, please drop me comments below!

Rajasthan old textile
India antique embroidery

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