Song Dynasty Ewer

This is a beautiful Song Dynasty ewer. It is currently on sale on ebay:

Song dynasty ewer

On the body of the ewer, there are perfect embossed lotus flowers. They are very intricate and detailed.

Embossed lotus flower
Another embossed lotus on the other side

Even the handle has lines on it.

See the line on the handle?

This ewer probably was made on the 12th century. It is from the Song Dynasty era.

Chinese Song dynasty ewer

This ewer probably from the Southern Song dynasty. Although I am not sure about which exact province or kiln that produced this.

Southern Song dynasty ewer

Here are the measurement of the ewer. It is a small ewer. Probably for drinking tea?

Ewer height
Ewer length

And this is the base look of the ewer.

The base of the Chinese ewer

I also love the lotus petals drawn at the neck and the bottom of the ewer.

Lotus petals detail at the top

I also like the colour of the ewer! It is olive colour! I didn’t know the Chinese fancy this kind of colour!

Beautiful olive colour Chinese ewer!

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