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What to do in Jakarta for two days

Top Tips of What To Do in Jakarta

If you happen to travel to Indonesia from Europe, Jakarta is usually the first airport to touch down. Although your destination may not be Jakarta, here are some tips of what you can do in Jakarta for two days.

Number One: Stay at Jakarta’s four or five stars hotel

Like many other places in Indonesia, hospitality in Jakarta is guaranteed to be its best. This is much needed after stuck in your 13.5 hours flight from Europe. So when you landed in Jakarta, the first stop is to find a hotel to relax and pamper yourself. Every staff at the hotel will warmly welcome you with genuine smile.

When we talk about four or five stars hotels in Indonesia, you can expect to find grand, huge, and luxurious type of building. You can see the comparison when you are at hotels in London versus when you are in Jakarta hotels.

This summer, I happen to stay at Hotel Borobudur – courtesy of my husband, of course. It is located at Jalan Lapangan Banteng 1, Jakarta 10710.

hotel borobudur lobby
Very grand lobby, there are about two lobbies and this is the main one. It is extended into the restaurant lobby overlooking the pool.

It has a gigantic swimming pool and when I was there, it was quiet, not many people, just as I wanted to be.

swimming pool hotel borobudur
See what I mean by pampering yourself?
Hotel Borobudur bedroom
Nice comfy big bed 🙂 Room is overlooking the city
Hotel Borobudur shower room
Granite shower room

Hotel Borobudur has about five or six restaurants and I happen to try two of them :). One is Bruschetta Restaurant which serves Italian food.

Interior at Bruschetta Restaurant
Interior at Bruschetta Restaurant

I was there over lunch and they serve a buffet style – quick lunch menu consists of antipasti, pasta & pizza, and tea/coffee.

Lunch buffet style at Bruschetta
Lunch buffet style at Bruschetta
spaghetti bolognese at bruschetta hotel borobudur
My spaghetti Bolognese

Bruschetta Restaurant has a calm, quiet, and relax atmosphere. I think it is perfect for those who want to escape a busy life. Choose a table that is overlooking the hotel garden, it is refreshing to enjoy a calm and greenery ambience.

bruschetta restaurant at hotel borobudur
These tables are overlooking the garden!

The second restaurant is Bogor Cafe where they serve the breakfast.

bogor cafe at hotel borobudur
Bogor Cafe interior
Nasi Goreng Bogor Cafe
First day breakfast: nasi goreng
Breakfast at hotel borobudur
Hubby has some pastries
Indonesian style chicken porridge
Second day breakfast: Indonesian style chicken porridge
Indonesian style curry chicken (Gulai Ayam), what a complete breakfast
And.. of course rice with Indonesian style chicken curry (Gulai Ayam), what a complete breakfast

I missed their Oxtail soup signature dish as I think I came a bit late, it is finished. Once you have done your breakfast, it is time to explore Jakarta.

Number Two: Visit the National Museum

National Museum Indonesia
National Museum of Indonesia: a fantastic archaeological museum

It is one of the best museums in Indonesia! Make sure to visit it while you are in Jakarta. The address of the National Museum: Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat 12, Jakarta 10110. The collection of statues are quite impressive. You can then imagine a great and glorious Indonesia in the hand of Hindu and Buddha dynasties about 1000 years ago! Some statues are quite grand on its scales too!

Ganesha statue Museum Nasional Indonesia
One of many impressive Ganesha statues in the museum
Some Hindu statues in Indonesia National Museum
Some statues collection
Some statues are from Hindu and Buddhist dynasty, dated back from 900 AD onwards
Some statues are from the Hindu and Buddhist dynasties, dated back from 900 AD onward

What impressed me the most is the Chinese artefacts that are found in Indonesia, such as Chinese jar, plates and ceramics from the Chinese Dynasties. I forgot to take the picture of these, so I am not really sure when or where these artefacts are found. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to know that the Chinese has been to Indonesia over 1000 years ago! Probably as early as 671 AD according to Wikipedia.

national museum of indonesia
One of the Chinese artefacts in Indonesia?
piggy bank at the national museum
Piggy bank has its origin too in Indonesia!
palaeoanthropology: the origin of Indonesians?
Palaeoanthropology: the origin of Indonesians?
Big statue at the indonesia national museum
A very big statue near the front door

Number Three: Visit Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (the Indonesia Miniature Park)

As Taman Mini is a large complex, I recommend to hire a guide and a car to see the complex. You can see around thirties Indonesian provinces presented quite beautifully in term of each traditional house and each traditional wedding costumes. When I was there I visited the Museum Indonesia in Taman Mini. It is a quite nice museum presenting Indonesian art and crafts, although it would be really nice to dated the pieces shown, so that we know the historical age of the collection.

Museum Indonesia: front look
Museum Indonesia: front look
I think this is Songket (hand woven fabric) from Palembang
I think this is Songket (hand woven fabric) from Palembang
Barong, a good spirit in Balinese mythology
Barong, a good spirit in Balinese mythology
Garuda, a vehicle for God Vishnu
Garuda, a vehicle for God Vishnu

Number Four: Enjoy Jakarta Culinary

As long as you go to the established restaurants, guaranteed, you won’t have stomach problem. Enjoy yummy and tasty Indonesian food while in Indonesia!

Padangnese food! Clue: type 'RM Sederhana' on your google map
Padangnese food! Clue: type ‘RM Sederhana’ on your google map
tahu gejrot and es cendol
Try tofu with sweet chilli savour (Tahu Gejrot) and ice green-rice-flour with coconut milk (Es Cendol)
Try Martabak: the Indonesian stuffed pancake!

Number Five: And if you are still out and about in Jakarta, try Jakarta Antique Market at Jalan Surabaya

A street full of antique shops
A street full of antique shops

If you still have that energy, go and bargain on antiques at Jalan Surabaya in Menteng. There are around 50 stalls offering antique ceramics, clocks, candlelier, etc. Strangely there are many Chinese-style and European-style antiques too, although you may get lucky to find home a nice Indonesian antique.



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