The Wrestlers

The Wrestlers in Highgate

There is a lovely pub that we visited for the first time in London. It is in a posh neighbourhood area in Highgate, North London.

The Wrestlers

What I really like the most about this pub is its tranquillity: it is not crowded. Unlike the other Fullers pub down the road which is extremely busy and we can’t even get a seat inside, The Wrestlers offers a relaxed, calm atmosphere.

A relax atmosphere at The Wrestlers

The building itself has its charm. Including the, I believe, 16th century fireplace.

16th century fireplace at The Wrestlers

The wooden panel also gives this pub its charm.

The Wrestlers bar

There is an interesting history that the pub has an ancient tradition. It is called “The ancient ceremony on swearing on the horns at Highgate”.

The ancient ceremony on swearing on the horns at Highgate

And this is probably that ancient horn?

Under these horns ye merry conceit ye lept ye highgate

I am not sure if this so called ancient tradition is a true story or a ‘not-so-true’ one.

The ancient ceremony on swearing on the horns at Highgate

Here is the food at the Wrestlers. They taste very good! I had a red Thai curry and jasmine rice and my husband had bread with olives and cheesy chips.

The Wrestlers food

Here is the wine list.

The Wrestlers Wine list

And here is the menu.

The Wrestlers menu

There is also a cozy outside garden.

The wrestlers cozy beer garden

The Wrestlers also do real ales.

Real ales at The Wrestlers

So if you like a charming, cozy, quiet, romantic environment. I would suggest to visit The Wrestlers.

Cozy, charming, and romantic environment

In the summer, you can also sit outside by the front. I think we will definitely be back to The Wrestlers.

Front seating at The Wrestlers

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