What to do in Valle d’Aosta (Aosta)

Aosta is the northern city in Italy. Aosta has two official languages: Italian and French. Valle d’Aosta is also called Vallee d’Aoste. It is an autonomous region in Italy and also the least populous region in Italy. Because of its autonomous status and less population, it can be considered one of the richest areas in […]

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What to do in Worcester

Worcester is one of the underrated town in England! Did you know that Worcester is full of English history? Worcester holds a decisive part of the English Civil War at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. Did you know that Worcester has a magnificent Cathedral that housed the tomb of King John and Prince Arthur […]

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Ravenna and Its Early Mosaics

Ravenna is a magnificent city in Italy, full of historical buildings and important work of arts (mosaics) in early Christian period. It’s very easy to reach Ravenna. If you landed in Bologna Airport, you can take bus to Bologna Centrale and within 30 minutes you will reach Ravenna Centrale (train station). The first stop, not […]

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Windsor and Eton

What to do in Windsor for a day out? Well let me tell you to start your journey at Eton College. If you have a chance, please see this prestigious Eton college. During the coronavirus pandemic, unfortunately the college is not open to public. But you can see its impressive architecture from the outside. I […]

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Richborough Roman Fort

As our summer holiday is disturbed by the coronavirus, we plan to have a staycation instead to Deal. One of the reasons we choose Deal, is because the location is on a seaside and it is quite close (about 10 miles) to our main destination of Richborough Roman Fort. We took a taxi ride from […]

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Staycation in Deal, Kent

We decided to have a short break to the Kent coast during this coronavirus pandemic. We choose to have a three-nights staycation in Deal, Kent. Deal is a charming sea-side town in the English coast of Kent. It is facing the English channel. Deal has some historic streets which probably flourished during the 18th and […]

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What to do in Sagunto? A charming old city not far from Valencia

I know I wrote this when we are all in Coronavirus lockdown. But hey today is 23rd June 2020 and the lockdown in some parts of Europe are lifted! Time to prepare for beach-front holiday again! I would recommend to give it a try to Sagunto, a charming old city, just an hour reach from […]

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What to do in Bologna

Bologna is an underrated city in Italy! There are many things to see and to explore in Bologna. We were there for there nights this summer and these are our stories: Why Bologna? Well the flight first of all, it is cheaper to fly to from London, compares to other cities like Rome or Venice. […]

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Trip to India’s Golden Triangle

My husband and I had a fabulous holiday in April. We were in India! Here are some of our stories and photos to be shared with you. Please note that if you want to use any of my photos, you have to credit my website We use Mercury Holidays as our travel company. We […]

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Antiques At Wendover

If you happen to be in Buckinghamshire for antiquing, please do stop over at Wendover. There is a fascinating antique centre called ‘Antiques at.. Wendover’ where you can have a wonder around a large antique centre for a buy or two. It is quite a spacious centre, with three (or four?) floors (I forgot the […]

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What to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is our destination for winter holiday in 2018. We went there for three nights in December. It is quite pleasant to go to Barcelona in winter. The weather is cold, but it is not freezing. We stayed at Hotel Roger de Lluria in the central Barcelona. The nearest metro to Hotel Roger de Lluria […]

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Antique Fairs and Antique Shops in Barcelona

These are my experiences of antiquing in Barcelona. There are two antique fairs that I visited on our holiday just last week in Barcelona: The first antiques fair is: Encants Barcelona. The nearest metro station is Glories. We were there on Monday in the morning around 9.30am and it was bustling and busy. The fair […]

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What to do in Venice

What to do in Venice for three days? Well this is the right article to read as we were exactly in Venice for only three days! So what have we done? Check this out! Day 1 We fly from Stansted Airport to Treviso Airport using Ryanair. We choose a very early flight at around 6.20am. […]

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The Archaeological Tour while in Yogyakarta

I would like to share our itinerary when we were in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, this summer. We stayed for four nights in Yogyakarta and the main highlight is to visit Candi Borobudur and Candi Prambanan. Here we go: Day 1 We started the day with a visit to Candi Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java province. There […]

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What to See in Luxembourg

I am so excited to write about Luxembourg. This small European country is not as big as its neighbouring countries such as France or Germany, but Luxembourg surely has its own charm. This post is the continuation of me and my husband holiday to Germany and Luxembourg. See Part 1 about the trip to Mainz […]

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Mainz and Trier

The trip to Mainz and Trier was our holiday trip to Germany in the end of November last year. The whole trip is for Mainz-Trier-Luxembourg. In this post I will write about Mainz and Trier first. The second post about the trip to Luxembourg is available here. The trip to the Northern Alps of Mainz […]

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London Map Fairs

Last Saturday was for the first time I attended the London Map Fairs. Located at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington, this two days fair is arguably the largest antique map fair (in the world or in the UK? not sure since I have never attended similar fair before). And this is the prestigious Royal […]

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The Hertfordshire Militaria & Medal Fair

This was my first time going to a Militaria fair. I was quite pleased. My husband was very pleased too. The fair is called The Hertfordshire Militaria & Medal Fair. And the location is at the Rickmansworth School at the Scots Hill WD3 3AQ. The nearest tube station is Croxley Green. There are about 40 stalls […]

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Housesteads, Chesters and Vindolanda Roman Fort

This Easter holiday, we decided to go to Hexham to visit Roman Fort of Housesteads, Chesters and Vindolanda. It is very easy to visit these Forts using bus AD122. We use Hexham as our base. And might as well because bus AD122 departs and returns back to Hexham. I would say that in one day you […]

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What to do in Hexham, Northumberland?

This Easter weekend, we went to Hexham for a three nights holiday. It is approximately four hours from London. We took a train journey from London King’s Cross to Newcastle using Virgin train then continue from Newcastle to Hexham using Northern Railway. Hexham is a beautiful little town. The city centre is quite small but […]

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Rome and the Glory of the Roman Empire

Rome and the Glory of the Roman Empire This is Rome and this is the centre of the Roman Empire. Walking around Rome is like walking in history, depending on when you want it to be: 2000 years ago or at the Renaissance time; every corner and every breath, you will be surrounded by marvellous […]

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What to do in Cairns?

Cairns is a lovely city in the north of Queensland. I would like to share to you my travel story in Cairns. This is a second part of my Australian story. Please also visit here to read about my travel experience in Sydney. Look at that picturesque shot of Cairns! Yes Cairns is so beautiful. […]

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What to do in Sydney?

This summer 2017, my husband and I went to Australia for holiday. Yes we are so happy that another continent is checked now ✓ and as my husband said, the only continent we have not visited is America. So here we go, I would like to share to you our activities while we are in […]

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Roman Towns of Nimes and Arles

There are two very pretty Roman towns in the south of France: Nimes and Arles. With Ryanair flies direct from London, Nimes Airport is very easy to reach. Nimes is a historic city with very impressive Roman remains such as a Roman amphitheatre, a Roman temple, and a Roman tower. One certainly cannot imagine living […]

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What to do in Ancona

Yuhuuu.. the post today is about our trip to Ancona in Spring. Yes, you can have a budget travel to this beautiful city in Le Marche region. There is a direct flight from London to Ancona using Ryanair. The old town square is Piazza del Plebiscito. My impression is that it is not a touristy city. […]

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Beautiful Prague in Winter Time

I was travelling to Prague in February and I wanted to share my experience of this wonderful fairy tale city. We were staying at the Old Town area. It is very recommended to stay in the old town area as most of the attraction are in the Old Town. We were staying at Hotel Metamorphis. […]

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Alghero in Winter

Yes this post is about my travel to Alghero in March! Exactly it was March last year! That is very true, who can resist the beauty of Alghero, a beautiful place in Sardinia, Italy? So even though it was winter, yes it was in March, Alghero still does not loose its charm. Even with jacket or […]

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Bedfordshire’s Antiques & Collectors Fair

Last weekend I went to Bedford and visited the Bedfordshire’s Antiques & Collectors Fair at the St Paul’s Church. I would say that it is like an indoor flea market. There are many curiosity items, mainly vintage, but not so many antiques (i.e. very old) items. I very much like the place where this antiques fair is. […]

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Is Peterborough A New Commuter Town?

I spent my weekend in Peterborough last week. It is to see the town and to go to Peterborough Festival of Antiques. I am wondering is Peterborough a new commuter town from London? How does it like to live in Peterborough? It has a very historic Cathedral where Queen Mary of Scots was first buried. […]

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What to do in Edinburgh

Last month, my husband and I visited Edinburgh in Scotland. We travelled by Ryanair from London Stansted. It is quite cheap, only £65 return for the flight. We stayed there for four days and three nights. Here are some tips which come from our experience: Find a hotel that is closed to the Old Town We are so […]

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What To Do in Bali for 2 Days

If you have two days to spare in Bali, here are the six things you can do: First: Visit Pura Tirta Empul Pura Tirta Empul was founded on the 10th century. It has a large water spring from the ground-source water. It is located at Jalan Tirta, Tampaksiring, Bali. It is, as in many Pura in […]

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What To Do in Vienna

What to do in Vienna? If you have a weekend getaway to Vienna, here is the quick guide of What To Do in Vienna on a weekend. 1. Visit the Sisi Museum and the Empire Apartment Here we can see the glorious side of the Habsburg Empire that rules Austria on its golden age from 1804 […]

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Vienna Antique Market & Fair

This time I am very fortunate to visit Vienna, the capital city of Austria. I would like to share two antiquing experience in this beautiful city. 1. Vienna Antiques Market at the Naschmarkt It is located at the famous Naschmarkt. The nearest metro station is Kettenbrückengasse. If you have come from the food market, keep going […]

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Stamford Raffles and his wayang collection

This post is about Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, his antique shadow-puppet collection and his resting place. Stamford Raffles is a well known British statesman who governs Java in the 19th century. He is known as Lieutenant Governor of Java. Raffles is also known for his rediscovery of Borobudur temple. I can see his love of Java by […]

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Antiquing in Oxford

I just want to share two antiquing places that I have seen during my weekend in Oxford: Oxford Antiques on High 85 High St, Oxford OX1 4BG This is a lovely shop consists of about 25 dealers. I very much like this shop and I think if you are in Oxford and looking for antiques or […]

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From Bergamo to Milan: Weekend Getaway

Bergamo and Milan – Experience the Finest Lombardy Surely a weekend getaway is too short to experience Lombardy, but with limited annual leave and bank holiday per year, a weekend break to Italy’s finest region could be a fantastic treat! It was on late June, when me & my husband looking at the map of Italy and […]

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Antiquing Alla Chelsea

Antique shops in Chelsea This time I accompany my hubby to buy an antique match-box at a premium location in London: Chelsea! There is an arcade consists of about 25 antique shops, it is called Bourbon Hanby Antiques Arcade. It is located at 151 Sydney St, Chelsea SW3 6NT. I was there on a Saturday and based on google […]

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Milan Antiques Market The Naviglio Grande

Antiquing in Milan When in Milan, do not miss the once-a-month antiques market at the panoramic Naviglio Grande. The name of the market is simply Naviglio Grande antiques market as it is where the market is located. To get to the market is very easy, just use the Milan Metro Station line M2, and the […]

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What to do in Jakarta for two days

Top Tips of What To Do in Jakarta If you happen to travel to Indonesia from Europe, Jakarta is usually the first airport to touch down. Although your destination may not be Jakarta, here are some tips of what you can do in Jakarta for two days. Number One: Stay at Jakarta’s four or five […]

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Rembrandt Hotel Antiques Fair

Sunday Antiquing at the Rembrandt Hotel   Ian Russell Antiques Rembrandt Hotel Antiques Fair 11 Thurloe Place London SW7 2RS A great time to spend your Sunday at the Rembrandt Hotel! The hotel itself is located just opposite the Victoria & Albert Museum. It is very handy if you are in South Kensington area. The surrounding area is […]

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Royal Horticultural Antiques Fair

Yes the monthly antiques fair is here in London!   Adams Antiques Fair Royal Horticultural Hall London SW1P 2QW Last Sunday I was at the Royal Horticultural Hall browsing the antiques fair there. Royal Horticultural Hall is only ten minutes walk from Victoria station. I would say that there are about 100 antique stalls. Here are the pictures of some […]

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Criterion Auction House in Islington

Viewing an Auction House in Islington When I was antiquing in Islington, to be precised at the Camden Passage, I have noticed that there is an auction house in the area. Not too far from Camden Passage, you can find an interesting auction house not to be missed: The Criterion Auctioneers. Their address is at 53 […]

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Camden Passage Antiques Market

Antiquing in Islington Here it is another antiques market in London which is worth to visit: Camden Passage. Just a two minutes stroll from Angel (northern line) tube station, you will find a selection of stalls in an open air market. The market is open every Wednesdays and Saturdays. I went there on two Saturdays […]

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Arezzo: the Italian City of Antiques

Two days full of antiquing in Arezzo Well, I suggest all antique lovers to visit Arezzo, a city in Tuscany Italy, where there are plenty of well established antique shops and not to forget the once-a-month Fiera Antiquaria di Arezzo. My journey to Arezzo starts from Pisa. I use Pisa as the base city, as […]

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Pisa and Pisa Antique Shops

Travelling in Pisa and Seeing the Pisa Antique Shops And so yes I am taking my annual leave to travel to Pisa, Italy. It was on early June 2016 and I stayed in Pisa for only two nights. The weather was so not Italian summer apparently. It was raining and grey. But I am still excited […]

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Arezzo Antiques Fair: A Review

Arezzo Antiques Fair Piazza Grande, Arezzo, Italy   I was in Arezzo Antiques Fair on the 4th and 5th June 2016. The fair is one of the biggest in Italy and is held at the first Sunday of the month and the preceding Saturday. I am very impressed with the fair. If you are into […]

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Northcote Road Antiques Market

Northcote Road Antiques Market 155a Northcote Road, London, SW11 6QB   On my bank holiday weekend, I have decided to visit Northcote Road antiques market in Clapham. It is approximately 10 minutes walk from Clapham Junction station. Northcote road itself is buzzing with Italian cafes, restaurants, gelato shop and delicatessen. It is a perfect scene to […]

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Bushey Antiques & Collector’s Fair

Bushey is apparently a nice place for antiquing!   There are two antique fairs in Bushey that are of my interest: Bushey Golf & Country Club Antiques Fair The Bushey Antiques and Collector’s Yew Tree Fair Let’s start with the first one: Bushey Golf & Country Club Antiques Fair is an interesting fair in an […]

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Croxley Antiques

This weekend, I visit Croxley Antique shop in Croxley (nearest tube station: Croxley on the Metropolitan line). It is a well presented shop with wide range selection of antiques. The price is good too. I would recommend to visit if you have a spare time and in the area. Click here for their website and opening […]

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Portobello Antiques Market

Portobello Antiques Market is my regular visit of antiquing. What I like is that it has a variety of galleries and arcades for me to explore. My favourite one is Rogers Antique gallery. Inside this gallery, I can find a few of quite reasonably-priced stalls.   Saturday is the best day for antique lovers as […]

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